Why Fleur de Lis?

We specialize in complete design, full service maintenance, and project management. Our aim is to ensure client support and satisfaction through two-way communication, skilled craftsmanship, and integrity throughout the process.

We're with you every step of the way by offering a personal relationship

For every project we:

  • create a comprehensive design
  • coordinate with your builder, if required
  • perform site preparation, grading and drainage
  • provide comprehensive project installations
  • execute full oversight, management, supervision and quality control

We are specialists in our field

Our team has over 15 years experience.

We take pride in our business approach

Since our company is family-owned and managed, we are hands-on; personally involved in every aspect of each project, large and small. We feel vested in and committed to our work, and we understand that the work we do will have a powerful impact on the lives of our clients.

We're licensed and insured

We have general liability insurance and worker's compensation.

Contact us to speak directly with a landscape professional. We will work with you personally to provide a plan to beautify your lawn and garden.