Contact Fleur de Lis to make your landscaping beautiful right now!

Contact Fleur de Lis to make your landscaping beautiful right now!

Thursday, January 12, 2017/Categories: Blog Posts

Rumor has it that in South Louisiana people tend to believe that Spring is the best time of the year to install your landscaping. Well, that is true to an extent, but it is not the safest time of the year. The best time to plant in South Louisiana is actually October through March!


Planting during this time gives your plants or trees time to establish in their new home. During the winter months the plant may be going dormant, but the plant or tree really finds comfort in its new home when it is cool or cold. The difference between the cooler months of October through March, versus the spring warmer months, is that in our climate your plants and trees take on a lot of stress due to our extremely hot temperatures. Exposing your plants and tree roots to warmer temperatures allows for different insects and pests to attack an already stressed plant. Plants and trees are just like humans - they are looking for a home that they can be comfortable in. Just like us, they do not like extreme heat! If those roots are being exposed to harsh conditions and heat, they won't live to their full potential and can be attacked physically and suffer damage.

So if you want to know when is the best time to plan and plant, wait no longer. This is the time!

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